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The Prestes Patrol Boat is a People's Liberation Army of Venezuela prototype patrol boat featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Prestes Patrol Boat icon

"This armed guerilla speedboat is designed for running blockades and harassing VZ ships."
— Stockpile caption

The Prestes Patrol Boat is a very heavily modified Speedboat, it has extra armor plating, a PLAV paint scheme, a 25mm autocannon, a dual .50 caliber machine gun and a rocket engine at the back. Overall, this is a very unique boat; it has rocket at the rear like the Triton Patrol Boat but has a boost ability where it gains a huge amount of speed for a short duration. It has a fixed forward facing 25mm gun firing HEAP rounds, same as the one of the Allied and Chinese APCs. The gunner's seat is equipped with dual .50cals in the middle of the boat.

It will only be used by the PLAV after the Jungle Cruise contract is completed. If the contract is completed up to level 3, it will be available in the PLAV shop.


  • Unlocked by:
  • Cost:
  • Fuel: 60 gallons
  • Guidance: Flare
  • Delivery: Helicopter


This boat is good at attacking and mobility. It must face the target to hit it with the 25mm cannon limiting its potential. The armor being type 2 can resist small arms fire but will take damage from .50cals and very heavy damage from miniguns making it very vulnerable to attack helicopters. It is a bad idea to take it in a heavy firefight against Chinese or Allied Nations Boats. If threatening units show up, it may be a good idea to boost away from the threats. Avoid sea mines as they will destroy the boat.


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