Playing the odds sk reinforcements

South Korean forces assaulting the NK base

Playing the Odds is the fourth contract for the Russian Mafia and the first for them in the second act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves damaging South Korean forces during an attack on a North Korean garrison, with a bonus of using Chinese artillery support to assist by bribing a Chinese artillery officer.


  1. Destroy SK forces at the garrison

BONUS: Bribe the Chinese artillery officer ($50,000 required)

Supplies & Support GivenEdit

  • Artillery Barrage x2 - Free (After bribing Chinese officer)

The ContractEdit

Playing the odds chinese officer

The Chinese artillery officer

Once the mission begins head over to Pyongyang and make contact with the Chinese officer. This area is constantly patrolled by NK forces, so make sure to speak to him quickly or else he may be killed. After paying him the $50,000 bribe you will be given two Artillery Barrages (an upgraded artillery Strike), normally priced around $80,000 each.

The fight is going on east of the NK Artillery Base and west of Sariwon, with both locations featuring a path there. Both entrances are guarded by SK roadblocks, though the artillery base entrance features a K200 APC while the Sariwon entrance is only guarded by K966 Scouts. The area surrounding the battle is South Korean territory, meaning they will shot you on sight if not disguised, and both roadblocks have officers.

Once inside the base, if you do not care about the South Koreans liking you, simply hijack either a North Korean T-54 or one of the many South Korean K200 APCs and begin devastating the SK forces. The more you destroy, the more will show up. Eventually the K200s will begin dropping off soldiers with anti-tank missile launchers, so be careful as the K200 cannot stand much damage, and also make note of the infinitely respawning NK forces, which include RPG troops.

Playing the odds t54 vs k200

A T-54 destroying a K200

Alternatively, if you wish to stay in Buford's good books, you can sit back and watch the combatants duke it out. The NK T-54s will usually triumph over the K200s. Calling in airstrikes (including the artillery barrages given to you) from far away will also kill many SK units and if you're far enough, you will not lose standing with South Korea. If at any point there are no SK units in the base, and their strength still hasn't reach zero, destroy some of the units at the roadblocks, as they count towards their total strength.

The contract is worth $45,000, deduct $50,000 if the officer is bribed as part of the bonus condition. Completing this contract will make the BRDM Scout and Artillery Barrage (only if the bonus is completed) available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Three of Diamonds will also be given.

Email MessageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'Playing the Odds'

You're not out to make friends, are you? At least the artillery support should let you stay out of sight.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy South Korean forces at the garrison

BONUS: Bribe the Chinese artillery officer ($50,000 required)

Contract value: $45,000


The player enters the HQ. Sergei is talking to Josef

  • Sergei: (in Russian) I should have a pet or something, ya? What did Marlon Brando have in that movie where he played a godfather? What was it called?
  • Josef: (in Russian) The Godfather.
  • Sergei: (in Russian) That's it! The Godfather. He had a dog, or a fish or something. Maybe a monkey. GET ME A MONKEY!

Sergei turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Sergei: OK! Now we can get something done, eh? And no one will know it was us. Except you and me, right mercenary?
  • Sergei: The South Koreans are talking about getting tough on crime. I want their attention elsewhere. I have word that they're assaulting an NK garrison--I want them to lose. Badly.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: I don't know who this "Boo-ford" guy is, but he better learn it's in his best interests to deal with me.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: They all think they can ignore me...well they'll learn!

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Sergei: Did I already tell you about the South Koreans? And the killing part? Ok, good.

The player talks to Josef to accept the contract

  • Josef: I know Sergei said 'by whatever means necessary', but I know you are more intelligent and will not expose us to needless risk...
  • Fiona: First the Chinese, now the South Koreans. The Russians aren't out to make friends.

The player approaches the Chinese officer

  • Fiona: The Mafia has several members of the Chinese military on their payroll. There's an officer willing to provide us with artillery support...for a price.

The player bribes the Chinese officer

  • Chinese soldier: This money will be a great help to my family.

The player approaches the battle zone between the NK and SK forces

  • Fiona: The North and South Korean forces are fighting near your position. Great they've blocked the road. If you're not properly disguised they'll shoot at you on sight.

The South Koreans strength becomes low

  • Fiona: The south Koreans are starting to retreat. They obviously weren't expecting this kind of resistance.

The South Korean's strength is reduced to nothing

  • Fiona: Nice going. The South Koreans are retreating, and Sergei's sending his payment for the contract. We're done here.



  • Completing this contract with the bonus will actually cost the player $5,000; as the contract value is $45,000 but the bonus costs the player $50,000 for the two artillery barrage support items. However, purchasing the bribe will later make the barrage avilable for purchase in the Merchant of Menace.
  • It is possible to complete this contract without killing or destroying South Korean forces. The NK forces at the garrison will eventually destroy the opposing SK forces. The SK forces have soldiers and K1025 Scouts, but the NK forces have soldiers, RPG soldiers and T-54 tanks.
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