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The Pirate Isles are a series of fictional Venezuelan Islands located in the Caribbean Sea that are featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Pirates chilling out
"These island are up to with Jamaican Thugs, modern pirates really"
Fiona Taylor

The Pirate Isles area a chain of eight unnamed islands (apart from the Central Island) of varying size. These isles are located in the north-western section of the map, as the name suggests, the islands are mostly occupied and controlled by the Pirates.

At the start of the game, the Venezuelan Army occupies four of the Pirate Isles. However, two islands are seized and captured by the Pirates after Misha Milanich's recruitment. One island has its VZ presence significantly reduced and mostly replaced by Pirates after the 'Central Island Outpost' takeover contract. Another island becomes deserted by the VZ after the destruction of all their buildings marked as Destruction Bounties.

The Pirate Isles have only one HVT but have a high density of Destruction Bounties on several of them or in their waters, either for the Pirates, Universal Petroleum and later the Allied Nations.

Pirates driving Little Dimbas are a common sight on water in the general vicinity of the Isles.

There are a total of fourteen Spare Parts on these islands.

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