"With a frightening turret-rotation speed, the Paladin is one of the most advanced commercially-available tanks in the world."
— Stockpile screen description

The Paladin Tank is a Universal Petroleum tank in the PS2 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Paladin is the easiest tank to find in the beginning of the game, considering one can be found patrolling around the UP HQ, and another two can be found at their outpost (after capturing it). It can go toe to toe with most of the armored vehicles in the game, being capable of one shot (or catching them on fire) most of the light tanks (including the Paladin itself) and two shot the heavier tanks (or again catching them on fire).

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  • The Paladin Tank is the PS2 counterpart of the Mantis light tank.
  • Unlike its HD version it can rotate the gunner turret a full 360º.

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