The PDW or Personal Defense Weapon is a weapon featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


PP-2000, the model of the PDW.


The PDW is an often underrated, very powerful and fast firing weapon. It could be seen as an upgraded Machine Pistol to the point that it beats any of the Assault Rifles in power. It offers accuracy worse than an Assault Rifle, slightly better than a Machine Pistol, surprisingly it has more power than the Assault Rifle type assault rifles. It is a powerful and versatile weapon that should not be underestimated, a good choice if you want to keep the same gun for the whole game, the only guns to have more power are snipers and the Hunting Pistol, but they are not fully automatic nor do they have as much ammunition. It takes 3 shots to kill a VZ regular troop; it is the most powerful portable automatic weapon in the game (the most powerful out of the automatic weapons, not as powerful as the semi-automatic guns or launchers).

It is a good idea to pair it with a ranged weapon such as a sniper or even the Hunting Pistol when using this weapon to balance out the effective ranges.

This gun can be obtained as early as the player recruits a helicopter pilot. The only way to obtain the gun is by beating any of Fiona's challenges at level 2 and getting access to the Fiona's Favorites Supply Drops, a maximum of 10 of can be obtained unless the player uses cheats.

Challenges in which Fiona's Favorites can be obtainedEdit

Real LifeEdit

This compact, ultra-modern Russian-built sub-machine gun is the PP-2000 Avtomat and is designed as a Personal Defense Weapon--comparable to the German H&K MP7.


  • The PDW icon when it is on the ground is that of a Pistol.
  • Despite Fiona apparently having access to this weapon, she doesn't use it to defend herself against General Carmona.
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