The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a very useful device featured in both Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames as a tool used by the mercenary to help guide them from place to place, obtain information and intel, receive e-mails from contacts and enter cheat codes.

Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionEdit


Mattias taking the PDA

The PDA was first featured in Playground of Destruction. It appears as a small white/grey pad with a large screen and buttons on the bottom which could be used to navigate the different sections. The PDA is first picked up while inside the C-17 that is heading for the DMZ where Fiona will explain its basic function, namely helping you to get around the warzone as well as provide a source of intel.

The first section of the PDA contains a map of North Korea, showing the Southern Province, Northern Province, Ace contract islands and all the places located within them, along with the HQ locations of the major factions.

The second section displays the e-mails that the player has received, which consists of a main page and two separate folders, the main page mainly concerns contracts and information sent by either Fiona or one of the factions, and the two folders are mostly miscellaneous info, one that contains intel the merc has received regarding the locations of the Deck of 52, and another for help messages like weapon details, gameplay mechanics, etc.

The third section is the online "Merchant of Menace " run by the Russian Mafia. On this section, the merc can buy vehicles, weapons and supplies, and the use of airstrikes.

The fourth section holds four tabs regarding data about the player and in-game events, such as info on the Deck of 52, bounties the merc has found such as Monuments, WMD blueprints, National Treasures and South Korean listening posts, and statistics of all the things the merc has done, such as soldiers killed, distance traveled, favorite choice of vehicle and other information about their exploits.

The fifth and final section is the factions screen, this displays the player's diplomatic standing with every faction in the game and their level of relationship with the merc, and it is also the page where cheats are entered in.

Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesEdit

The PDA in World in Flames continues to be extremely helpful to the player. It allows the mercenary to choose airstrikes, supplies, vehicles, and look at a faction's mood towards the player.

It also has a map of the world and what areas are unlocked. Navigation is made easier by allowing the player to make a route to a location on the map. When looking at the map the player can find contracts offered from factions and where the next story mission is. You can choose your support menu and see what supplies, airstrikes, and vehicles you have purchased.

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