Out of the woodwork first tunnel

The first troop tunnel

Out of the Woodwork is the second contract for the Allied Nations which takes place in the first act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves destroying three North Korean troop tunnels.


  1. Destroy three KPA tunnels

Supplies GivenEdit

  • Surgical Strike x2 - Free

The ContractEdit

After exiting the Allied HQ the player should find a car to get to the contract area. Along the road you will encounter an AN roadblock, and further along the first tunnel. Upon arriving a battle is raging between the AN and North Korea forces.

The first tunnel is by itself with a never ending supply of NK troops, supported by one Sungri Scout and an emplaced MG, fighting four AN soldiers and an officer. When calling in the first airstrike make sure no AN soldiers are nearby, or risk losing faction standing with them and paying a fine.

As you move down the road towards the final tunnels, two Sungri Scouts will attempt to ambush you. Alternatively, you can drive or run up a small hill next the first tunnel which leads to a spot which overlooks the last two tunnels. Be careful as there is an NK soldier with an RPG up here.

The second and third tunnels are side by side a short distance from the first. It's possible to destroy both with a single surgical strike between them. Alternatively, if you used up your airstrikes and don't wish to purchase more, you can blow up the tunnels with a single C4 charge.

The contract value is $40,000. Completing this contract will unlock the Cluster Bomb airstrike available to purchase in the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Ten of Clubs will also be given.

Email MessagesEdit

Introductory e-mail messageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'Out of the Woodwork'

Allied forces in the vicinity are encountering fierce opposition from North Korean remnants, who're being reinforced by troops coming out of the underground tunnel network. We've got airstrikes standing by to help you take out those tunnels - use them to maximum effect.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy NK tunnels

Contract value: $40,000


The player enters the HQ

  • Col. Garrett:(on the phone) I have no comment at this time. No ma'am. General Song's status hasn't changed. Miss Livingston, when I know something, you'll be the first I tell.

Garrett pauses while listening to Adriana Garrett hangs up the phone

  • Col. Garrett: Heh, now that's not a very ladylike thing to say, is it?

Garrett turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Col. Garrett: Back for more, huh? Takes a lot of cash to go after the bad guys solo, I guess. I don't mind giving you work that's for sure. Song's army is being reinforced by troops coming out of their underground tunnel network. Now, we need someone on the ground, acting as eyes and ears for our smart bombs. If you can find Song's tunnels, our airstrikes'll blast 'em to kingdom come.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Col. Garrett: Those tunnels lets Song's men move where they want and strike where they want. without your help, I won't have much of an army left.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Col. Garrett: Most of the HVTs use the tunnels to get around. Good chance you'll run into some of them out there.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Col. Garrett: You tryin' to test my patience, merc?

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: I hate dealing with these tunnels. You never know how many troops you're fighting.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer:
    • Mattias: Just like gophers. They pop their heads out, and I give them a nasty surprise.

The player approaches a roadblock

  • Fiona: The North Koreans and Allied forces are fighting near your position.

The player approaches the first tunnel

  • Fiona: Here's a tip: Surgical Strikes are great for taking out hardened structures like barracks, hangars, or tunnel entrances. To use a Surgical Strike, you'll need to select it from your support menu. Once selected, you can designate a target using a hacked satellite feed.

The player destroys the first tunnel

  • Fiona: Good job. Use the same technique when you want to destroy other hardened structures.

The played destroys the second tunnel

  • Fiona: Good job.

The played destroys the last tunnel

  • Fiona: All Allied checkpoints are secure. Excellent work. Payment incoming!


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