"Hey, you!"
— Allied Officer

An Officer is any soldier in an army that has authoritative powers over the other soldiers. In Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, they are members of a faction that are more resilient and smarter than the typical soldiers. Usually denoted by alternate clothing and weapons, they will also have their factions flag over top of their head.

When the player is disguised, and they venture into visual range of an officer, the officer will see right through the ruse, and will be quick to alert their fellow soldiers. They are usually stronger and can take more bullets than regular soldiers.


  • North Korean officers wear a khaki uniform consisting of shoes, slacks, a coat, and a peaked cap. They are usually armed with Light Machine Guns and Type 85 Sub-Machine Guns.
  • Allied officers wear standard Allied battle dress with a light blue beret in place of a helmet. They are only found at Allied installations, such as the M.A.S.H., or during contracts.
  • Chinese officers always wear standard Chinese urban battle dress and wear camouflage kepis in place of helmets. They carry either SMGs or Assault Rifles.
  • South Korean - Can be members of the Special-Operations Unit, or variants of the standard SK soldier wearing a black/brown flak jacket. Usually carry Covert Sub-Machine Guns, Prototype Rifles, or Carbines.
  • Mafia Capos wear light gray trench coats over blue trousers and brown boots with sunglasses and skullcaps. They are usually armed with Shotguns and drop $5,000 in cash when killed.
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