Naval Mines or Sea Mines are mines used by the Venezuelan Army and Universal Petroleum in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


Naval Mines are large and rusting surface drifting mines with a blinking red light, these are the weaker naval counterpart of the Improvised Explosive Device. Naval Mines are placed in important locations, typically as an attempt to block off an area of water access during specific contracts. Sea Mines are very powerful and detonate on contact with any vehicle type or large object. A single mine can destroy any drivable boats except for the Freedom Patrol Boat and Bladesong Missile Boat (to which it inflicts 80% and 30% damage).

Naval Mines are seen at the mouth of Fortress Island up until the completion of 'Tropical Island Getaway'. 'Blended with a Twist' features the largest naval minefield in the game North East of the Maracaibo fishing village and 'Jungle Cruise' incorporates several sets of minefields along the way to protect the small naval oil extraction platforms (some remain and respawn for the remainder of the game).


Blended with a Twist

Have fun in there!

Sea Mines are extremely visible and are therefore easy to avoid or destroy, they can only be destroyed by explosives, high power weapons such as Anti-Material Rifles or mounted weapons. The blast damage radius is very small, about 3 meters for armor type 1-2 and direct contact is required to inflict damage to type 3-4.


  • Civillian mine related casualties count as collateral damage and will charge the player for it.
  • Mines can be very slowly pushed around by a swimming player.
  • Due to lack of water currents, these mines do not drift despite not being anchored.
  • Naval Mines cannot be winched.

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