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A national treasure box

National Treasures are a type of bounty featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Overview[edit | edit source]

Scattered during the chaos of Song's coup, national treasures are depicted as large grey crates marked with a '$' sign, suggesting that looters had intended to sell them on the black market.

Following the contract, 'Bringing Down the House', the Chinese will send the player an email regarding their collection.

Finding them will improve the player's standing with China and earn a $3,000 cash bonus.

List of National Treasures[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all national treasures and where to find them:

Southern Province[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Halberd - Inside the far northeastern hangar at Pyongyang Airport.
  • Amitabha Triad - Inside the hangar at the western end of Pyongyang Airport.
  • Finial Bells - Inside the hangar at the eastern end of Pyongyang Airport.
  • Lacquered Scabbard - Directly in front of the Children's Museum featured in 'Pest Control'.
  • Harness Ornaments - East of Pyongyang Airport, next to the river. It is behind a large, North Korean bunker guarded by many soldiers.
  • Prehistory Crown - About halfway on the road from Pyongyang Airport to North Pyongyang. It is next to a destroyed building behind a wall and other containers.
  • Miniature Pagoda - A short distance away from the previous treasure, located in the middle of a downed aircraft.
  • Ornamented Mirror - In North Pyongyang, behind the building where the Five of Clubs is located.
  • Ritual rattles - In North Pyongyang, on top of the Arch of Triumph.
  • Seated Buddha - In East Pyongyang, on the lower roof of the building in the northern most corner.
  • Prehistory Bowl - In East Pyongyang, directly behind the Mafia HQ.
  • Bronze Crown - In Downtown Pyongyang, in a small alley near the hospital entrance.
  • Gold Earrings - In Downtown Pyongyang, on top of the building on the eastern side directly facing the train station.
  • Temple Bell - Southwest of East Pyongyang, at the end of the dirt road leading west from the city. The Six of Clubs is located here.
  • Prehistory Spearhead - Directly north of the intersection heading towards East and Downtown Pyongyang, on a hill inside a North Korean outpost.
  • Incense Case - At the end of the dirt road heading northeast from East Pyongyang. The Five of Diamonds is located here.
  • Phoenix Head Sword - There is an unmarked dirt road directly east of East Pyongyang. The treasure is at the end of the road, next to a large, NK bunker and stack of missiles.
  • Punch'ong Flask - At the eastern end of the canyon separating the NK Fortress and NK Fortress gate, near the restricted zone.
  • Gold Sword Hilt - On top of the Black Gate's east wall.
  • Ritual Incense - Next to a bunker on the road leading to the Black gate, specifically the section of road the turns hard right up the hill.
  • Standing Buddha - Follow the dirt road heading north of the DMZ. when the road splits take the left path. The treasure will be at the end next to a large bunker.
  • Ancient Mirror - On a small hill west of Ichon, overlooking the terminal buildings.
  • Prehistory Earrings - West of Ichon there will be a hill with a downed aircraft and helicopter, along with some NK infantry. The treasure is located near the north edge of the hill.
  • Jade Crown - Near the platform in front of the Sariwon train station.
  • Standing Bodhisattva - In the base east of the NK Artillery Base, on the western side.
  • Ancient Roof Ornament - In the same base as the previous treasure, except more north and closer to the main bunker.
  • Crystal Candlesticks - In the northeast section of Kaesong, just outside the wall.
  • Golden Earrings - Northeast of the South Korean HQ, in the small valley.
  • Ancient Horse Saddle - Northeast of the Propaganda Village will be a hill with a group of NK infantry and a bunker. The treasure is in front of the bunker hidden behind containers.
  • Prehistory Pestle - On a small hill directly east of the two bunkers destroyed in 'Out of the Woodwork'.
  • Science Fiction RTS - In front of the large building directly south of the AN HQ.
  • Yi Dynasty Tea Bowl - Next to a small building near the bridge southwest of the AN HQ.
  • Ancient Water dropper - South of the 'Cargo Carrier' challenge there will be an unmarked dirt road leading to an NK base. The treasure is next to the bunker.
  • Dragon Headed Staff - At the end of the train tracks southwest of the AN HQ, right next to the Ten of Clubs,
  • Battlecraft RTS - East of the Propaganda Village, on a hill next to the road where a large group of civilians and NK soldiers are located. The treasure is on the western side of the camp.
  • Three Han Bronze Horn - The northwest section of Propaganda Village, behind some red crates.
  • Prehistory Mirror - Next to a small house on the eastern side of the Farmland, near the three way intersection.
  • Three Han Bronze Halberd - In the southeast section of Haeju, in the same location as one of the Mafia officers in 'No One Will Ever Know'.
  • Yi Dynasty Clay Bottle - Left of the staircase leading to the refinery in Haeju.
  • Three Han Bronze Spearheads - South section of farmland, on a small hill between two houses.
  • Ancient Set of Ornaments - Near the three way intersection in the Farmland, close to where the Four of Clubs is.
  • Three Han Bronze Dagger - On the eastern side of Farmland, near the two parallel dirt roads.
  • Standing Avalokitesvara - In the southeast section of the base featured in 'Knock Knock'.
  • Temple Gong - Northwest of the base featured in 'Knock Knock', near a small NK outpost.
  • Punch'ong Plum Vase - Further west of the previous treasure, next to small NK outpost near the road.
  • Prehistory Dagger - Northeast of the Nine of Diamonds' location, next to a small NK outpost along the dirt road.
  • Ancient Sutra Painting - Inside the base where the Ten of Diamonds is located.
  • Ancient Metal Cap - North of the Ten of Diamonds' location, near a helipad. The treasure is hidden between a large group of explosive containers.
  • Prehistory Cap - Heading south from Nampo, after the bridge there will be a bunker and NK forces on the right side of the road. The treasure is next to the bunker. This bunker and NK forces are not always there. The treasure is much easier to spot if they aren't.
  • Seated Maitreya - Heading south from Nampo, after passing the bridge there will be a building to your immediate right. The treasure is next to this building.
  • Liaoning Dagger - On the pier in Nampo, where you capture the Queen of Clubs during 'Under New Management'.
  • Bodhisattva Triad - On the eastern side of Nampo, next to one of the refineries.
  • Jin Dynasty Official Seal - Northeast of Nampo there will be an unmarked dirt road leading up to an NK outpost. The treasure is towards the back of the outpost.

Northern Province[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Sarcophagus - Northwest corner of Dandong, next to a tent.
  • Ancient Rice Flail - Most northern section of Dandong, behind a building.
  • Painting of Dog - Northeast of Dandong, where the Eight of Spades is located.
  • Sutra Painting - East of Dandong, on an isolated plateau. Directly south of the Eight of Spades.
  • Reliquary Set - On the Dandong docks, near the artillery, hidden between two shipping containers.
  • Avalokitesvara Painting - Northwest section of Sinuiju, near the center of the garden. Note: Sometimes this treasure may glitch into the ground. If it does, run around the tree in the center of the garden and you should pick it up through the ground.
  • Silver Sword - Southeast corner of Sinuiju, in a small courtyard.
  • Ancient Basin - Near the warehouses on the west side of Sinuiju Harbor, neat to a shipping container.
  • Decorated Clam Shells - Northwest corner of Sinuiju Harbor, behind the large warehouse.
  • Landscape Painting - West side of Tenement Ruins, next to the only non-ruined building.
  • Painting of Peddlers - North section of Tenement Ruins, on the hill next to the Korean-style building.
  • Copy of Online RPG - Directly south of Changsong Train Station, in a valley where the Five of Spades is located.
  • Stirrups - On the train platform at Changsong Train Station.
  • Sutra Manuscript - Next to the train at Changsong Train Station.
  • Tanka Painting - In the northeast section of Changsong Train Station, at the front of an NK outpost on top of a hill.
  • Ancient Reliquary - Western side of the Chemical Complex, in front of a building.
  • Miniature Altar - Northeastern section of the Chemical Complex, directly in front of the main building you need to destroy in 'The Acid Queen'.
  • Hyonyangsongkyoron Manuscript - East side of the Chemical Complex, in front of the helipad.
  • Ritual Staff - Southeast corner of Chemical Complex, between a building and watch tower.
  • Ritual Rattles - On the road leading to the Chemical Complex, at one point near the top there will be a small house on the left side. The treasure is in front of the house. The Six of Spades is located here.
  • Painting of Leopard - Southwest of the Chemical Complex, on an isolated plateau where the Three of Spades is located.
  • Oksun Peaks Painting - East of the NK Village, in an NK outpost where the Seven of Spades is located.
  • Precious Gems - Northeast section of NK Village, next to the house on the hill.
  • Ancient Calligraphy - East section of the Nk Village, next to the house on the hill. Directly south of the previous treasure.
  • Carp Shaped Water Dropper - In the center of the NK Village, on the east side of the river next to a house.
  • Miniature Statue of the Leader - Northwest section of the NK Village, behind a house.
  • Mt. Pongnae Painting - West of the NK Village, on top of a watch tower. Note: Sometimes the treasure may glitch into the watch tower. If this happens destroy the watch tower and the treasure should fall out.
  • Sage Painting - In the Temple, on the west side of the main building.
  • Painting of Little Girl - Southwest of the Temple, next to an NK helipad.
  • Cherry Blossom Painting - Southwestern corner of the Industrial Zone, underneath a crane.
  • White Porcelain Burial Figurines - South point of the Industrial Zone, near the road intersection, nestled between some large, green, shipping containers.
  • Ancient Lance - Next to the platform at Yongbyon Station.
  • Ancient Cudgel - Behind a mural in front of the large building on the south side of Yongbyon.
  • Ancient Sabre - On the far western side of Yongbyon, between a bombed out building and burning well.
  • Elderly Woman Painting - Next to the temple on the eastern side of Unsan Village.
  • Painting of Tilling Land - Behind the most northern house on the hill in Unsan Village, behind where the Five of Hearts and Queen of Spades are located.
  • Elderly Man Painting - Next to a house in the center of the village in Unsan Village.
  • White Porcelain Flask - On the western side of the Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant, next to the large building.
  • White Porcelain Cup - In an alley between the two main buildings at the Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant.
  • Double-Horned Cup - Far east side of the NK Garrison, at the entrance to the uranium mine.
  • Painting of a Bookshelf - At the end of the southwestern dirt road in the NK Garrison.
  • White Porcelain Jar - North side of the Yongbyon Reactors, between a building and the wall.
  • Lidded Vessel - On top of the building at the south end of the Yongbyon Reactors.
  • Painting of Magpies - At the southern Yongbyon Reactor building, directly in front of the building where the inspectors are held hostage in 'Reactor Retrieval'.
  • White Porcelain Ewer - At the southern Yongbyon Reactor building, on the east side next to a blue crate.
  • Celadon Plum Vase - Far west of the Yongbyon Reactors, and south of the '111' on the PDA map, inside an NK base where the Ten of Spades is located.
  • Caledon Ewer - Inside the Mafia Outpost, on the west side, directly in front of the stolen K200 jammer in 'Repo Man'.
  • Ancient Parchment - Inside the Mafia Outpost, on the east side, hidden underneath a green chipping container.
  • Painting of a Boy - At the south end of Chongju, near the port, next to a market stall.
  • Caledon Ink Stone - At the northern end of the runway at Chongju Airfield, next to a tall, white building.
  • Painting of a Royal Procession - North of Chongju, head along the ride that eventually becomes a long dirt road which leads to Sinuiju. Halfway along the road there will be some boulders on the right side of the road. The treasure is next to these rocks.
  • White Porcelain Epitaph - Directly in front of the AN HQ entrance.
  • Painting of Ten Old Men - At the north end of the Allied MASH.
  • Immortals Painting - Southwest section of Sinuiju Farms, next to a house.
  • Painting of Old Statesmen - Right next to the previous treasure.
  • Frog Shaped Water Dropper - Next to a building near the entrance to the NK Outpost.
  • Painting of Tigers - Northeast corner of the Taechon reactor.

Rewards for Destruction[edit | edit source]

  • 1 - BJ2020 unlocked
  • 5 - H3 unlocked
  • 10 - Chinese Fuel Truck unlocked
  • 15 - $50,000
  • 20 - Skin Code: Play as Indiana Jones
  • 30 - Skin Code: Play as Civ. Doctor
  • 40 - Skin Code: Play as Civ. Prisoner
  • 50 - Skin Code: Play as Ace of Diamonds
  • 60 - $100,000
  • 70 - $100,000
  • 80 - $250,000
  • 90 - $250,000
  • 100 - $500,000
  • 110 - Skin Code: Play as DPRK Elite Soldier

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are a total of 110 within the game. However, the bounties screen only shows that there are 100.
  • Unlike Monuments or Listening Posts collecting the last ten unlocks another Cheat.
  • The "Science Fiction RTS" treasure is most likely a reference to StarCraft.
  • The "Battlecraft RTS" treasure is most likely a reference to the Warcraft RTS series.
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