The Mirabal Offroad Bike is a motorcycle used by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Mirabal has good speed and handling, but due to the weak armour when you crash you will usually be flung off or take heavy damage.

The Mirabal is an almost exact copy of the Allied Nations Dirt Runner. The only major difference is the colour of the two bikes. Also, the Mirabal is slightly easier to find due to it being located at most PLAV strongholds and outposts (mainly in the Amazonas), usually leaning against a building. Due to being painted the same way most buildings are it can be difficult to spot. However, it is more common than the Dirt Runner which is only found rarely patrolling around AN outposts.


The Mirabal is an excellent vehicle for getting from place to place, just about anywhere. It features excellent speed and handling (as well as braking and acceleration), and one can completely ignore roads altogether and travel cross-country with this (often faster than going on the roads). One should note, however, that vertical drops and steep slopes are quite dangerous. Either plan your route beforehand or continually check your location using either your in-game map, and you will be fine.

Another attribute of this vehicle (and all other motorcycles) is that it is unable to tip going even at low speeds, and, even if you go off a large jump, you will almost always land in an upright position. However, you should note that this will often adjust your direction of travel. Through several tests, one user discovered that approximately 15% of the time, going off any one jump will adjust your DOT by 37.5 degrees.


  • The Mirabal and the Bolivar Quad-50 are the only PLAV vehicles that do not feature barbed wire on them. The Mirabal is also the only PLAV vehicle that does not seem to have anything added to it and no customisations, just a different paint scheme.
  • Through several tests, one user concluded that the Mirabal is a far better choice than a helicopter for travelling, as it has much the same speed and is extremely hard to target with heavy weaponry. A helicopter, on the other hand, is quite easy to target with AA weaponry and machine guns. [NOTE: Tested using Rogue Transport and Castro Transport on Xbox 360, route being from Southeast Amazon PLAV outpost to gates of PMC HQ.]

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