The Mi-26 is the Russian Mafia's large transport helicopter that is featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Mi-26 is the main transport helicopter used by the Russian Mafia. It is used whenever the mercenary orders any ground vehicle from the "Merchant of Menace", ranging from civilian cars to military trucks, and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to light tanks.

No vehicle is too heavy or large for the Mi-26. However despite its large size, the Mi-26 is not that heavily armored, and although it can survive slightly more punishment than smaller scout helicopters such as the MD-530 Scout, it can still easily be destroyed by explosives such as the RPG. Also due to the large size, the helicopter is very cumbersome and slow, meaning it will not survive for long in a warzone and it is advised that things should be ordered in a safe area.

The Mi-26 is not driveable by the player. It is possible to snipe the pilot and make the helicopter fall down and not blow up, but if the player does manage to do this, they will still be unable to enter it.

Real LifeEdit

The Mi-26 is based on the Mil Mi-26 "Halo," the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into production. The Mi-26 used by numerous military and civilian operators, making use of its considerable size and cargo capacity. One of these operators is North Korea, whose air force is estimated to possess some four Mi-26 helicopters.

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