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The Mi-17 Transport is a Chinese transport helicopter featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Mi-17 Transport (China) and Mi-17 Transport (North Korea) are similar, if not the same, in performance. Both are medium lift transport helicopters used to transport light and medium weight vehicles, and a small group of infantry. The Chinese use this helicopter to drop vehicles and supplies to the player during some of their contracts.

The Mi-17 Transport is slow and is lumbering, but has some resistance to damage. The helicopter has no weapons and is very vulnerable to anti-air weapons.

It can be found patrolling Dandong near the Chinese base. It is possible to acquire.

Real lifeEdit

The Mi-17 Transport is based on the Soviet Mil Mi-17 "Hip" introduced in 1977.


  • The image in the game manual depicts rocket pods attached to the side of the helicopter, however in-game no such weapons are found on the helicopter.

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