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Merida is a city in south east Venezuela with a population of approximately 350,000.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames[]

In Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Merida starts off as a Venezuelan stronghold. During Solano's Coup, intense fighting takes place inside the city Between VZ and PLAV, leaving much of it destroyed and under VZ control. The Mercenary, working with the PLAV, helps free the city.

Paint the Town[]

The mission Paint the town takes place in Merida. Marcela Acosta pays the Mercenary to destroy three VZ occupied buildings and then to take up defensive positions around the PLAV stronghold, the church, until Fiona can get a trace on the final target: Lieutenant Mendez. After locking on to his position the Mercenary heads to the stadium, where they either kill or capture Mendez.


  • After 'Paint the Town', the color of the sky changes from a grey foggy color to a sunset-like orange.
  • Even after 'Paint the Town' and the PLAV take the town, Fiona still tells the mercenary via radio that the town is "currently occupied by the Venezuelan Army".
  • In and around the city, the mercenary can collect a few spare parts that reference the 3 different mercenaries, the game itself and other characters.
    • You can find "Jen's bartending guide", "Mercs2 forum member list", "Chris' weightlifting book", "Mattias' explosive chili recipe" and "Solano's autographed baseball.

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