The Under the Map glitch is a gitch in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. When it happens, the player will either be stuck underneath the map, with no way to get out or will fall all the way back onto the map.

When it HappensEdit

This glitch can happen 1 of 2 ways, it is more likely to happen if you do both. The less common way for this to happen is to jump up and down constantly, it can take anywhere from 100s to 1000s of jumps or more, even then it is extremely unlikely. The more common way for this to happen is to walk back on forth on a 20 degree angle. Beaches and shores are common places for this to happen. It can also happen when the player is being ragdolled around and is hit against the ground or a building by a large object (this may also cause death).

When it does happen, the player will be stuck about 10 feet under the map. The player will enter the falling animation, despite being at the same altitude, flailing their arms and kicking their legs. At this point the player is stuck, and no amount of moving will bring them back into the play area. The only way out of this glitch is to Medivac back to the Villa. Another thing that can happen is that the player will start falling until the map is almost out of sight, at this point it will reappear under the player. Strangely, the fall will not cause any damage.

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