Mercenaries 1Edit

White North Korean BuildingsEdit

Go to any garage-like structure that North Korea vehicles come out of and destroy their vehicles for easy money, as usually, infinite vehicles spawn. To avoid spending more money than you would make, try to either hijack a vehicle with an anti-vehicle weapon, or a tank. This is best used against garages that spawn tanks.

Saving Money On SupportEdit

Note that this only works on support options that use smoke. When you order the support, be it supplies, vehicles, or an artillery barrage, throw the smoke grenade like normal. Before the smoke grenade hits the ground, enter the PDA again, and select a different support option. If done right, the smoke will appear and the support will take effect, and no money will be removed from your account.

Money CheatEdit

You could put in the money cheat to get $1 Million each time. On Xbox, this is: right,down,left,up,up,left,down,right.

Mercenaries 2Edit

Winching ChallengeEdit

When you get the helicopter pilot Ewan, talk to him. Select "Winching Challenge" and choose the highest possible amount of money. While staying within the boundry, winch the box above 100 meters. Drop the box (make sure it stays within the boundry), then pilot the helicopter up while pushing the joystick right or left. Keep rising until the box stops falling. You will win the bet, and it is faster than completing the challenge the conventional way.

There is a rumor that if you get over $100M you can wager $10M or higher as the minimum/maximum. Also if you reach $1 Billion you can wager $100M or higher as the minimum/maximum, etc.

Rocket-manned Buildings Edit

Later in the game you'll unlock the Aliies and Chinese and their bounties are to destroy each others assets (eg. Kill soldiers, destroy vehicles, etc.) and you'll be paid $50K per assets destroyed.

To maximize your profits go to the southeastern (i think) caracas (not the allied HQ) but the outpost and set the alarm then 3 rocket manned buildings will wake up, then go over to the 2 rocket manned buildings, near the wall, and keep on killing the allied soldiers that come out, they're infinite, and they'll only shoot you if your in range (they'll swap between RPG and the Combat Rifle depending if your close or far away). 8 soldiers come out, so starting from behind the buildings, go all the way around and back to behind the buildings and you should gain $400K-$800K, maybe sometimes $1M. And you can do this money exploit anywhere as long as its a chinese or allied camp with rocket-manned buildings because each soldier you kill, you get $50K, which helps buying all the item at the faction shops.

Money CheatEdit

You could just put in the cheat to get $1 Million each time.

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