The Martinez APC is an armored personnel carrier used by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Martinez APC is the same as the Venezuelan Army's Armadillo but is instead painted in PLAV colors and probably stolen from the government forces. It has some typical PLAV modifications such as barbed wire on the back, as well as a bumper bar on the front, but this is purely aesthetic and does not affect gameplay. Another modification is the mounted DShK mounted machine gun from the Armadillo has been replaced with an M60 mounted machine gun, but they still function the same as well as firing .50 caliber rounds.

The Martinez is found at PLAV jungle outposts, High Value Targets and roads near the Strip Mine. Its armor can survive small arms fire and .50 caliber gunfire; weapons 20-25mm caliber AP (armor penetrating) or greater are required to damage this vehicle, including grenades.

It should be noted that this APC takes damage from grenades; a stationary grenade launcher can annihilate it. It is mainly used for limited ground support roles as well as infantry transport.

When friendly with the PLAV, it can be purchased from their shop for $30,000. It is also available in an AA variant under the name of Arbenz Mobile AA which has a significantly more powerful armament for only $5,000 more.


This APC is good when the player needs armor against bullets and doesn't have an urgent need to attack. The player will only be able to control one thing at a time, either the driving or gunning. It will not be able to take a single hit from an RPG, making it a poor choice for most assaults on well-defended positions. As like all armored vehicles, the rear is a weak point.

It cannot withstand any type of direct tank shell hit; it is best to avoid them as the Martinez cannot fight back.

It is very easy to hijack, there is only one button that needs pressing but the gunner must be eliminated first.

Real lifeEdit

The Martinez APC - and Armadillo - are based on the American M113 armored personnel carrier - An armored and tracked vehicles known for its use in the Vietnam War.



  • The Martinez APC has a machine gun that appears to be an American M60, however the real life M60 does not fire .50 caliber BMG rounds, it actually fires 7.62×51mm NATO rounds.
  • The Martinez APC may be named after Carlos Martinez - a Spanish communist revolutionary. Some documentation can be found here.

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