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Marcela Acosta is the revolutionary leader of the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Marcela Acosta is the fierce, charismatic leader of the PLAV. She is devoted to her army's goal of expelling Ramon Solano and Universal Petroleum from Venezuela and re-establishing the country's independence, and shows no scruples about the damage she causes, save for any deaths caused to her own soldiers or Venezuelan civilians.

Seeing a mutual ally in Red China, Marcela applied for a secret alliance between her forces and the Chinese military led by Zhou Peng. At first, she does not trust the mercenary, viewing them contemptuously as no better than UP, but after the mercenary proves him/herself to Marcela, she opens up to them, accepting the mercenary as a valuable asset to her own forces.

Once the Allied Nations and China move into the country to take the reins of the war, Marcela and the PLAV are almost largely forgotten.

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