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The Maracaibo Coast Highway is a very long highway stretching almost all the way around the Maracaibo Coast. It is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The highway stretches all around the coast of Lake Maracaibo from Maracaibo City to Altagracia (it is a pretty bad idea to drive from one side to the other because it's faster to take the General Carmona Bridge unless the destination is Merida, or if you have already destroyed the bridge in the Chinese contract "The Price of Gas").

The highway starts south of Maracaibo City. It passes next to La Cantina, the PMC, Merida, some small People's Liberation Army of Venezuela outpost, a gas station (VZ will be present while the UP wanted HVT is there), the Universal Petroleum Oil Refinery and the highway ends in Altagracia.

The highway is mostly frequented by civilian vehicles and civilians themselves walk along it. Nearer to Maracaibo City, La Cantina and the Refinery, Universal Petroleum Ravens can be seen driving on the highway. Near Merida and the Refinery there are some Iguanas jeeps. Near the PLAV outposts there are Corales jeeps and Bolivar Guntrucks. Usually there is VZ heavy infantry (sometimes rocket infantry) along the Highway next to the Refinery.

While chasing General Carmona during the "Get Solano" contract for the PMC/UP, the highway section from the Villa to Merida will be filled with VZ vehicles (Puma Light Tank, Iguanas)


Here is a list of vehicles that can be spotted on the highway.


  • If the player drives over a certain speed, pedestrian civilians will start freaking out and run across the highway, almost certainly getting hit by something.