The M3 APC is an Allied Nations infantry fighting vehicle featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Allied Nations uses the M3 APC as their infantry fighting vehicle during the Song Initiative. The vehicle is not commonly found, but there are many occurrences of a Deck of 52 member either fighting one or being in possession of one.

It is armed with weapons effective against both infantry and armored vehicles. It is also one of the only heavy vehicles in the whole game to feature two weapons the player can cycle through while driving; its autocannon and its TOW missiles.

The M3 is immune to small arms fire and can only be destroyed with explosives. Its transport capacity is four soldiers in the rear of the vehicle.


Southern ProvinceEdit

  • An M3 can be found assaulting the position of the Three of Diamonds. The player should hurry if they wish to acquire it as the infinitely respawning T-54s will eventually destroy it.
  • An M3 can be found guarding the bridge to the Allied HQ during the contract 'Downed Bird in Enemy Nest' after you've rescued the pilot.

Northern ProvinceEdit

  • An M3 is provided to the player at the beginning of 'Inspect and Verify'.
  • An M3 APC can be found near the Six of Spades. It is possible to get to it before the NK soldiers get in and use it. Nearby there is a cargo truck and the civilian variant. AN aid workers are nearby so be careful of friendly fire. 


The M3 APC has decent turning and speed for its size, however, it can be easily outrun by other KPA APCs and the BMP APC, but makes up for it with its thicker armor and better armament. It has one advantage over most tanks, with its better speed; it can outmaneuver tanks, stopping for a second to launch a TOW missile.

Real lifeEdit

The M3 APC is based on the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicle, as the M3 Calvary vehicle has a commander's periscope and mainly used in a scout role. It should also be noted that this model is of an M6 Linebacker which replaces the two shot TOW pod with a four shot stinger pod.


  • It also has an unusable coaxial machine gun next to the 25mm.

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