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The Lucky Lady is Ewan's helicopter in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Lucky Lady, though it changes in appearance, is a green helicopter that helps the mercenary in various task, mainly transport and deliveries. Two models are:

  • A Condor/Jade Wind version known as the "Lucky ladies" is used to carry heavier vehicles like tanks.
  • A Castro Transport used for small deliveries and transport.

It cannot be piloted by the player, however the player can take rides in it, and also shoot it down if it glitches - which happens a lot. Glitches happen almost every time the player tosses the smoke grenade for fuel, munitions or cash pallets.

Some glitches include the Lucky Lady coming to pick up fuel but never leaves with it. It disappears after about three minutes. Sometimes, when Ewan arrives to deliver something for the player, he does not drop it. Can be amended by shooting the helicopter.

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