Montez "Venom" Garza is an HVT featured in the ps2 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Bounties BioEdit

Name: Lt. Montez 'Venom' Garza
"Garza considers himself a 'rogue,' believing he´s destined for greater things. In reality a cowardly and inefficient commander, it's remarkable that he's kept the loyalty of his men. Last seen between Guanare and Merida."


Lt. Garza will most likely be the first HVT the mercenary will ever encounter, he uses a type 85 smg as his weapon of choice and is being protected by a small number of vz soldiers (some of them being elites), vehicle wise, a brigante and a calderone SAM will be in the area (the latter being more dangerous). He is located a bit to the northeast of the PLAV HQ.



  • There is an error in the hand positon on most of the HVTs that make them shove their weapons inside their hands.
  • Like every HVT in the game the mercenary can call in an allied extraction helicopter even if the latter haven´t appeared yet.
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