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Dr. Lorraine Rubin was the executive of Universal Petroleum assigned to run the Venezuelan branch of Universal Petroleum. She is only seen in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Rubin based UP in Maracaibo and hired the Texas-based PMC Tactical Solutions Inc. to provide security for Universal Petroleum's unpopular operations in Venezuela. Rubin held the rights to the majority of the oil in the country. She was opposed by PLAV forces led by Marcela Acosta and Solano's newly formed government. Dr. Rubin contracted the mercenary to retrieve a kidnapped executive and to supervise the destruction of incriminating documents in exchange for payment and the time of Blanco's secret meeting.

After the invasion of Venezuela by the Chinese and the Allied Nations, General Peng will order the mercenary to destroy the UP HQ (along with other important infrastructure). If the player accepts the contract, it is revealed by Fiona that Rubin and all non-military staff in the building left one hour before the attack, on a plane back to UP's primary HQ in Texas.


  • If the player works for the AN, the contract which requires the UP's destruction is not issued. However, it is still possible to obtain the contract from the Chinese.
  • She seems to have an obsession with coffee, going so far as to offer a kidnapper, in the negotiating of his kidnapping of a high ranking UP executive, Lattes--twice. This is likely a play on the stereotype of the corporate worker's need for coffee during long work days.
  • In the TV commercial/trailer for the game, Dr. Rubin is the one shown to have betrayed the mercenary, rather than Solano.
  • Her background music consists of two variations of easy listening elevator music.
  • Rubin's doctorate is not revealed in the game.
  • She is likely a Texan native, as the familiar twang in her voice indicates. However, she speaks in a more refined voice than the UP mercs, likely because she is an executive.