The Light MG is a fully automatic machine gun used by North Korean Elites that is featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


"Belt-fed 7.62mm machine-gun designed for squad-level fire support.
- Large capacity drum magazine
- Good stopping power
— ExOps Reference Desk

The Light MG is a good, powerful weapon and is one of the best overall weapons to use along with the Sniper Rifle or Prototype Rifle.

Found inEdit

The Light MG can be found in the:

  • Special Weapon Supply Drop
  • Almost every card from the Deck of 52 along with the Russian enforcers, Chinese heavies and North Korean Elites. The earliest time to get this gun is by capturing (or killing) the Two of Clubs at the beginning of the game.

LMG tacticsEdit

This is perhaps the best overall weapon the player can use in the game, until they acquire access to the Prototype Rifle.

Most members of the Deck of 52 carry Light Machine Guns, and some NK Elites do as well. The LMG is fairly accurate at close range, powerful, and has a large magazine capacity. This weapon should be used in conjunction with a long-range weapon, like the Sniper Rifle, in order to allow the player to cover all possible ranges, with heavy armor handled by hijacking or C-4 explosives.

Real lifeEdit

The Light MG is based off of the Soivet RPD machine gun , a 7.62mm light machine gun in service since 1945.


The RPD's development began in 1943, where three Soviet engineers were tasked with developing a new light machine gun chambered for the 7.62x54mmR Mosin rifle round. Of the three prototypes offered, the one developed by Vasily Degtyaryov proved superior and was accepted by the Soviet armed forces. Large-scale delivery of the weapon did not begin until 1953.

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