The Light MG or LMG or Light Machine Gun is a light machine gun used by Universal Petroleum and the Allied Nations featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The LMG has a high rate of fire, relatively decent damage but very poor accuracy. It is somewhat similar to the Automatic Rifle. The damage it deals is the same as the Carbine; it takes 6 shots to kill a VZ regular troop. When damage is linked with accuracy, the combination can be a serious problem at dealing with anything past short range as it will be a challenge to hit enough times to kill. The gun's accuracy will be further reduced when moving and during sustained fire. 

Allied Soldier with an LMG

The weapon works much better at very short ranges (<30 meters) because of the inaccuracy, rate of fire and reloading will not be a problem very often since it has 100 rounds per magazine. A downside of the large ammunition capacity is the low quantity of reserve magazines, if the player reloads too often, they will waste considerable amounts of ammunition and run out very fast (each reload dumps the whole magazine).

Ignoring ammunition capacity (since it isn't that useful most of the time), it is a better choice to use the Carbine because it has higher accuracy and the same damage. When using this weapon, it is advisable to use a long-ranged scoped weapon to balance out with the low damage and inaccuracy.

It is available in the Light MG drop sold by Universal Petroleum and the Allied Nations.

Real lifeEdit

The Light MG appears to be an early version or modification of the original Belgian designed M249.

This is the closest gun design that could be found on the internet

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