Lieutenant Mendez was a Venezuelan officer featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Lt. Mendez was the commanding officer of all Venezuelan forces in Merida, he commanded from a repurposed and militarized soccer stadium on the west side of town. Very little is actually known about Mendez before his occupation of Merida, or the occupation itself other than the fact that it was oppressive.

Paint the TownEdit

Marcela Acosta contracts the Mercenary to rid Merida of Mendez. During the player's attack on Merida, Mendez dispatches massive amounts of Jaguars and Jaguar Heavy Tanks. When the Mercenary destroys the marked buildings, Mendez retaliates by ordering to destroy the church, the PLAV's stronghold. Unfortunately for him, the counter-attack was repulsed long enough for Fiona to pinpoint his location (it is possible to let the VZ destroy the Church since it no longer becomes a protection objective after Fiona finds his location).

The player then proceeded to verify Mendez. 

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