Lt. Falcón was a Venezuelan Army officer in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


"Was not my fault. Was lieutenant. Gives me wrong coordinates. I drop bomb in right place, but is wrong place. He tries to blame me. Guys with big hats come. But I show them, show them wrong coordinates. Big hats get mad at lieutenant, he gets mad at me."
— Misha talking about Lt. Falcón

Very little is actually known about Lt. Falcón as he is never actually seen or heard in-game. Apparently some time before the Mercenary met Misha, he was under the command of Lt. Falcón. While on a mission the Lieutenant gave Misha incorrect coordinates resulting in him dropping a bomb on a friendly location. Falcón's commanders got mad at Falcón, Falcón blamed Misha, Misha proved he was innocent, Falcón put a bounty on Misha's head and managed to stay in the Venezuelan Army. Falcón must have had powerful enough contact to put a bounty on Misha's head and to avoid getting court martialed.

Misha eventually hired the merc to help him kill Lt. Falcón in his bunker. With help from the Merc, Misha hit Lt. Falcón's bunker, located on an island, with a bunker buster thus presumably killing him and everyone inside (presuming he was inside at the time). His death cannot be confirmed since he is not ever mentioned outside of the contract.

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