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Lake Maracaibo with General Carmona Bridge in the distance

Lake Maracaibo is the largest body of water other than the Carribean Sea found in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Lake Maracaibo is a huge lake that covers the northern coast of Venezuela. Often times, VZ Piranha Patrol Boats, UP Warhorse Patrol Boats , UP Inflatables, PLAV Cardenas Inflatables, Prestes Patrol Boats and Allied Nations Freedom Patrol Boats (when they arrive) are seen engaged in minor skirmishes. Many varying types of civilian boats and other minor vessels journey on the lake as well.

Lake Maracaibo is the location of the Maracaibo Oil Rig on which Blanco has his secret meeting withVZ commanders. Small number of oil platforms are scattered on the South East side.

The PMC's Villa dock is on Lake Maracaibo, it houses several Triton Patrol Boats. There is one 105mm cannon behind the pool that has a decent firing angle on the lake.

The Maracaibo Coast Highway covers the outside of the Lake.

After doing contracts, for the Allied Nations and China, the Allied Nations will somehow deploy an Alamo-Class Missile Destroyer in the center of the lake.

The Maracaibo Oil Rig