The Lada 124 is a civilian vehicle featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Lada 124 is a sedan found only in the Northern Province. Though rarer than the Jaju, it can be found roaming around urban areas, particularly Yongbyon and Chongju. It cannot be purchased from the Merchant of Menace.

It has very similar stats to the Jaju, with similar speed and handling. However, the Lada seems to have slightly stronger armor.

Real lifeEdit

The Lada 124 is based on the Lada 1200, which is based on the Fiat 124.

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  • Upon going up the road to the Chemical Complex in the Northern Province, you will encounter one with full health rammed through a fence. It has car parts around it and a male civilian standing near it. It appears to have been crashed, yet it has no physical or cosmetic damage.
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