The LHX Light Attack is a South Korean gunship featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The LHX Light Attack is equipped with a machine gun, anti-tank and anti-air missiles.

The LHX Light Attack is found only in the sky in the Northern Province, and the Ichon Airfield during a contract in the Southern Province. LHXs can be found parked on the tarmac at Ichon while the player is looking for the Diamonds. Beware though as they are all located within the SKU held area and will shoot on sight if the player wanders in without a SK disguise.

The LHX is hard to acquire unless the player uses a Sniper Rifle or an Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle to kill the pilot, then take the helicopter, a tactic also useful in acquiring the YAH-56 Gunship. They are much more common in the Northern Province, and can be seen flying around the farmlands near the bridge leading into Dandong, where the Chinese HQ is located. There is heavy fighting in this area and usually at least two LHX helicopters can be found here engaging PLA tanks. In the Southern province, once the 'Master of None' contract is completed, LHXs will spawn at the Ichon airfield. However, they will be inside the South Korean restricted zone, and the SS forces will fire on you if you attempt to take one.

In the PlayStation 2 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, the LHX appears as the Chinese 'Tien Kou' attack helicopter.


The LHX is a deadly vehicle when used by the right person, but its low ammunition count prevents prolonged engagements. It is relatively light-weight and easy to maneuver (being a scout helicopter in essence), it is one of the best and most balanced helicopters available in the game.

Real lifeEdit

The LHX is based on the cancelled RAH-66 Comanche. Its name is derived from Light Helicopter Experimental, the name of the Department of Defense program which resulted in the Comanche.

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