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Kusong is a small city in the northern province of North Korea. Kusong serves as the headquarters for the Allied Nations in this province.


Kusong is a small city in the northern province. Apart from the Allied HQ and a nearby Allied MASH, there is very little that actually stands out. The Allied HQ and MASH are a lot closer than in the southern province. The HQ has several M1025 Scout and M1027 Anti-Air vehicles protecting it, supplemented by YAH-56 Gunship support.

There are three challenges near the city; one to the north-east on a plateau, one at the Allied HQ and one at the Allied MASH. These are represented on the minimap as a "$" sign.

Kusong MASHEdit

Kusong MASH is set up directly to the north of the city. It is comprised of several tents. An Allied pilot is stationed here to allow the player to travel between the southern province and northern province. There is also a tent at which the player can change between outfits for their mercenary.

Several Allied soldiers guard the MASH with mounted machine guns and M1025 Scouts at two exits. There are also UH-60 Transport and YAH-56 Gunship patrols above the MASH and city.

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