The Kestrel Tank Hunter is a Venezuelan Army light attack helicopter featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


This is a relatively common variant of the Kestrel series, more specifically, the Kestrel Attack's improved version. It is a considerable improvement over the Kestrel Attack since it has doubled armament with the inclusion of 2 more hard points used for two anti-tank guided missiles.

Like all Kestrels, it is a light helicopter, which has high speed and maneuverability making it hard to hit, but lacks lift capacity and armor making it vulnerable to anti-air weapons.

It can be purchased from the Pirates at $125k.

Kestrel Anti Tanks can be found in these locations:

  • The Maracaibo Airport next to a Kestrel during the contract to place listening posts and rescue the UP executive for UP. A Venezuelan Army soldier will eventually pilot this helicopter (Kestrel Tank Hunter) if it is left alone.
  • Patrolling the area of "Endangered Cargo Level 3" smuggling contract for the Pirates.
  • Patrolling the area of "Black Market, Warm Heart Level 3" smuggling contract for the Pirates.
  • "Get Blanco" contract will include several of these helicopters patrolling the Maracaibo Oil Rig, one is landed and being watched over by a manned Scorpion on Northern Eastern helipad.
  • "Get Solano" contract will have a small number of Kestrel Tank Hunters flying around the bunker and on the way back to the Villa.


This helicopter is designed for scouting and dealing with light tanks, vehicles and infantry. The missiles are effective but are in very short supply, they are also limited to light/medium tanks, Heavy Tanks will be significantly harder to destroy. A medium tank can be destroyed with both missiles leaving the helicopter much less capable at dealing with more threats.


  • This is the only light attack helicopters to have a carrying capacity of four people; this is because the hardpoints somehow do not affect the back seats.
  • It is very comparable to the MD-500 Scout from Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, as it has two anti-tank missiles, a minigun, is operated by the main enemy and can be found early on in the game.
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