Kaesong city centre

Kaesong is a city roughly located at the center of the southern province of North Korea in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

The City[edit | edit source]

Kaesong is a typical urban city with a few buildings, and a large base utilised by the South Korean forces. Two obelisk monuments dedicated to General Song can be found near the northern exit to the city, and on the west side in front of a large building. To the south, the SKU have converted an old KPA outpost into their base of operations, with watchtowers and barracks. A WMD can be found behind the wire fence of a small building near the SK base. Buford's HQ can also be found here, where the mercenary can accept contracts from the South Koreans.

There are three entrances to Kaesong; the northern road exits onto the highway that passes Sariwon, the southern road exits onto the road that eventually leads to the far south highway of the southern province and finally there is an eastern dirt road that allows quick access to the road that leads to the DMZ.

The city's north defense point, looking towards the SK base

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'Stem the Tide'[edit | edit source]

During the South Korean contract 'Stem the Tide', Major Park's troops have managed to keep Song's horde of soldiers from retaking Kaesong; however, Song has been stepping up his offensive and Buford is afraid he could lose the city with this final push. The mercenary is therefore tasked with reinforcing the ROKA soldiers and fending off four waves of attackers.

The first wave of attackers come from the north, riding Sungri Scouts and Ural-4320 transports. The second wave will attack from the east using Sungri Scouts and Ural Trucks, but will also introduce armored transports, fortunately there is a nearby Recoilless Rifle to destroy them easily. The third wave appears from the south, this wave almost exclusively utilizes vehicles in their attack. The final wave will attack once more from the north, throwing everything they have at the mercenary and the ROKA.

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