The K200 Surveillance is the South Korean jamming vehicle featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The K200 Surveillance is almost completely identical to the K200 Vulcan APC, but replaces the 25mm cannon with a jamming device. The armor, troop payload and speed are all the same to the APC, with the removal of the cannon being the only main difference. KIFVs are extremely rare, one can be found during a South Korean contract at a Russian Mafia outpost in the Northern Province and some other SKU outposts during other contracts. The main role of the K200 is to simply jam the player's SNS radar, therefore stopping the mercenary from being able to call in support. The KIFV is not a recommended vehicle for battle, as it has no weaponry.


  • There is a glitch if the player sells this vehicle to the Russian Mafia: the entire game map will be jammed until the game is reloaded.
  • In an NK Base located near the train station in the Northern Province, the NK have apparently captured a K200 Surveillance and are using it for radar-jamming in the vicinity. This however, is most likely a scripting error.

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