Jungle Cruise is a timed challenge or contract offered by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Jungle Cruise

In-game InfoEdit

"You need to pilot the boat prototype down a special course on the river to an island just off the coast. Apparently this is a trial run for a special PLAV client so you need to stick to the route and get there are fast as you can!"
Fiona's summary


  • $300k
  • Level 1: Arbenz Mobile AA (x 1)
  • Level 2: Junker (Shop)
  • Level 3: Prestes Patrol Boat (Shop)
  • Bonus $500k if prototype has more than 50% health


This is a contract offered by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela at the Orinoco River Outpost after Paint the Town, it is necessary to complete at Level 1 to be offered Tropical Island Getaway to therefore proceed with the plot. Completion of Level 1 will cause the PLAV navy to use the Prestes Patrol Boat along with the Cardenas Inflatable .

This challenge involves driving a Prestes Patrol Boat North along the Orinoco River, through a temporarily restricted and partially blockaded UP territory, several temporary minefields all while being chased all the way to the 'Bunker Buster Island' in the Eastern Pirate Isles.

Difficulty increases and time limit decreases on each level. The only opposition is Universal Petroleum. Level 1 is very basic, Warhorse Patrol Boats will pursue and shoot at the boat, Level 2 will have more Cargo Boats blocking the way and Level 3 will have more Cargo Boats and Rogue Assassins.

This contract is significantly easier when non-hostile towards Universal Petroleum because it will make the UP mercenaries much less aggressive, especially the Rogue Assassins on level 3.


On co-op, the only difference is that both Prestes Patrol Boats are marked as objectives but one them can be ignored. It is highly recommended that both players get in the same boat as it is easier to have each player specialize on either driving or destroying Naval Mines.


  • This is the first time the player will encounter Chinese weapons, infantry, seamen and a Bladesong Missile Boat.
  • A full backup meter may pop up starting from the UP restricted zone, this will not alter the player's relation with UP as it normally would when UP mercenaries call for back up.
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