"Pre-owned local vehicle"
— Merchant of Menace store caption

The Jaju is a civilian sedan featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


"Blend in with one of our carefully chosen cars, direct from the street. Mileage may vary."
— Merchant of Menace store description

The Jaju is always found on the road with one occupant. A simple, light beige sedan with a maximum capacity of four people.

The Jaju is light, with no armor, and as an adverse effect, is damaged quite easily. The top speed is adequate for many missions where speed, and covertness, are important and due to its heavy numbers can be found anywhere and can be used as an easy, quick getaway.

Also it can be useful for trading in to the Russian Mafia garage to make some quick $750 (at full health) profit and increase their favour towards the player in a hurry. It can be also ordered from the Mafia's online "Merchant of Menace" for a cheap price if the player is ever in need for a quick getaway and are a little short on cash.

The Jaju can be found in near endless supply driving around urban areas and are very useful if you are ever stuck and need a quick getaway vehicle.

Real lifeEdit

The Jaju is based on the real life Jaju, which itself is most likely a copy of the Toyota Corona. (Still says in the link its a copy of a Volkswagen Passat.)

The Jaju is one of the passenger cars produced by Sungri Motor Plant, a vehicle factory in Tokchon, North Korea. The name means "Independence" or "Self-Reliance", most likely in reference to the North Korean state ideolgy of "Juche", or "Self-Reliance". Sungri Motor Plant's cars and trucks are reported to be all replicas or derivatives of foreign vehicles.


  • Like every other civilian vehicle, they are always seen being driven by male occupants.
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