The Jade Wind Heavy Transport is a People's Liberation Army heavy transport helicopter that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Jade Wind is a large transport helicopter used by the PLA. The Jade Wind is seen flying between the Chinese HQ and northern Cumana transporting large shipment containers. It should be noted that the Jade Wind can carry any drivable vehicle in the game, even Bladesong Missile Boats, making it useful for transporting heavy vehicles in PLA disguise.


This helicopter when hostile will never attack. It has no weapons and will not pose a threat. When used by the player, its role is still very limited. The only way to have it turned into a weapon is to winch an armed vehicle and carry it around. This creative use of the helicopter can sometimes pay off. For example: carrying a crewed Diplomat Heavy Tank and flying around a PLA compound, the SAMs will not attack the helicopter if it is under PLA disguise while the Diplomat lays waste to the area.

Real LifeEdit

The Jade Wind is based on the Mil Mi-26 "Halo," the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into production.



  • The rear of the helicopter is actually a ramp, so it should be able to carry light vehicles inside.

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