Isla de Mano

Isla de Mano

Isla de Mano is a fictional Venezuelan island in the Caribbean Sea featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The direct translation of Isla de Mano from Spanish to English is 'Hand Island' or 'Island of Hand.' The island itself is a very mountainous island with only one point of entry from sea level on the southern side with several rocks sticking out of the shallow water, the island is located North by North-West of Caracas. It is not part of the Pirate Isles.

The island is lightly occupied by the Venezuelan Army and is first featured in the 'Rescue Carmona' contract. It becomes available again after the player verifies General Carmona. The whole island is surrounded by tall cliffs, the only exception being the south side. Several VZ SAM rocket troops are positioned on the cliffs making it somewhat risky to approach and fly over with a helicopter. This island does not have much importance due to the lack of targets, rare weapons, hostility as well as being far away from areas of importance.

The island has five main areas with a road covering just about all of them.

The Beach: on the South side, there is a large landing area with a Piranha Patrol Boat docked at a wooden pontoon, abandonned shacks, various types of VZ infantry and a gate blocking the road which becomes a PLAV or UP asset ($5k reward when destroyed) after the first contract.

The Abandoned Shacks: further up the road, there is a U-turn with a spare part (which appears after 'Rescue Carmona', a collection of wrecked shacks and a destroyed colonial era building, a $100k cash bundle (appears after 'Rescue Carmona') and more VZ infantry. There appears to be 2 Mirabal Offroad Bikes there.

The Hill: further along the road, there is a Puma Light Tank (after 'Rescue Carmona') and a second gate (same as the first gate). The road continues beyond the gate and zigzags uphill until it reaches the top. From the top the road further extends down another side of the hill into an abandoned Shanty Town with VZ heavy infantry on many of the roofs. At the top of the hill, there will be another Mirabal.

The Colonial Building/Fort: At the bottom of the Shanty Town the road ends over a destroyed wooden bridge crossing a river. On the other side is a large colonial era building, according to Fiona, it is an old colonial fortress. Venezuelan Troops occupy that area as well.

The Inland Lake: a few Little Dimbas can be found on the lake, on the west side, there is a small rock with a $25k cash bundle on it, the river from the Shanty Town area forms a water fall and pours its water into the lake.


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