The Iron Dove Jammer is an armored jammer vehicle used by the People's Liberation Army in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Iron Dove Jammer is a modified version of the Iron Dove AA, but instead it replaces the anti-air weapons with an electronic jammer. Its main purpose is to jam the player's SNS radar to prevent any support options from being used. It has a green and white camouflage scheme and a star representing the Chinese faction.

The Iron Dove Jammer is found on the docks near the Chinese Head Quarters when the High Value Target and target building is present. They mainly appear in contracts that have the mercenary fighting against China.

The Iron Dove Jammer can be purchased from the Chinese shop after completing certain tasks for them.

Real LifeEdit

The Iron Dove jammer is based on a modified Chinese Type 95 SPAAA.


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