Into the Green Zone is a contract offered by Universal Petroleum from the Maracaibo Airport Outpost in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.

In-game informationEdit

"Now that you've secured the airport, the UP are bringing in some of their top brass from the States. These guys need protection on their trip from the airport to UP locations. These guys are paying top dollar for a safe trip, and will even pay bonuses for escorting them to their destinations quickly."
Fiona's summary


  • $300k
  • Level 1: Light MG Drop (Shop) + $30k on time bonus
  • Level 2: CQB Kit (Shop) + $45k on time bonus
  • Level 3: Combat Rogue (x 1) + $60k on time bonus



Into the Green Zone (Level 1)

Get the VIP into the yellow circle.

"I may lose my lunch"
— the VIP sharing his worst fears

This contract is not story related and is not required for anything except unlocking shop items. This challenge is very short and straightforward: Deliver the UP VIP to a location. It is a leveled contract and optionally timed contract, it has three levels of increasing difficulty and an increasing bonus for delivering the VIP within a time limit. Imagine this as being a overqualified (hopefully) and overpaid taxi driver being paid to drive through several intense firefights.

The locations vary according the the level, Level 1 is the UP HQ, Level 2 is the UP Supply Depot, Level 3 is UP's Altagracia Outpost.

The in-game recommendation recommends a Raven GL, that is totally up to the player but it is a bad idea to have a gunner on the GL because there is a high chance that the gunner will fire at an elevated angle and actually lead the vehicle and hit the Raven. The best idea is to use a helicopter since there will be no resistance in the air if the player flies high, keep in mind that VZ (Hostile) anti-air rocket troops will spawn on buildings along the way and they will fire at any helicopters in range of them, so fly above their lock-on range. 

This contract is significantly easier from the air after the Allied invasion since most buildings in Maracaibo will be destroyed, therefore less SAM troops.

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