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The WMD inspectors

Inspect and Verify is the seventh contract for the Allied Nations and the first contract for them in the Northern Province of North Korea in the third act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves escorting and protecting four WMD inspectors to various sites to confirm if those sites are being used to create Song's nuclear weapons.


  1. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon 5 MW Reactor
  2. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon 50 MW Reactor
  3. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant
  4. Return at least 1 Allied WMD Inspector to the Allied HQ in Kusong

Supplies & Support Given[]

The player is given as support or supplied with:

The Contract[]

Once the contract begins there will be four WMD inspectors standing in the HQ parking lot, alongside an M3 APC and UH-60 Transport. While the UH-60 is faster, some of the sites have AA, and it lacks the necessary weaponry to deal with most of the defenses found at the sites, so the M3 is the better choice as it offers protection and firepower. Note that you will fail the contract if you stray too far from the inspectors at any point.

The closest point is the 5 MW reactor at the Yongbyon reprocessing Plant. This area is guarded by two T-62 tanks, two BMP APCs, and many KPA regular and elite soldiers. Many of the buildings here will also constantly spawn new soldiers, so it would be wise to destroy the building while the inspectors are conducting their search. The BMPs pose little threat to the M3, but the T-62s can destroy it in two shots, so take them out with the TOW launcher (one shot will set the tank on fire, and a few 25mm shots after will destroy it), or if you have access to the Tank Buster airstrike, it will be very effective here. Take out the armored targets around the reactor, and then use the 25mm gun to destroy the buildings. The main building overlooking the inspection zone has an RPG soldier on the balcony, so make sure to bring it down.

The next site is the 50MW reactor at the Yongbyon Reactors. This site has much less defense, featuring only a ZSU-57 Anti-Air, two SA-8 Anti-Airs, and a group of soldiers. Take them out, and let the inspectors do their thing. This area is often patrolled by Sungri Scouts, so keep an eye out and make sure none take out the inspectors while they're working.

The final site is the reprocessing plant in the Yongbyon Reactors, a short drive from the last. The most noteworthy thing here is an Mi-35 Gunship parked on the helipad. Quickly destroy it or hijack it (or just kill the nearby infantry before they jump in, there's only a handful around the area), and then take out the rest of the infantry. An MD-500 Scout should also begin patrolling the area once you arrive, so make sure to take it out as well. Once the inspectors finish, head back to the AN HQ in Kusong to complete the contract. If you didn't destroy the Mi-35, it is capable of transporting all inspectors back to the HQ in one journey, and it will also serve as an effective asset within your arsenal for future contracts.

The value of this contract is $80,000. Completing this contract will make the M1126 APC available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Eight of Hearts will also be given.

Email Message[]

Sender: Major Steven Howard

Subject: Contract: 'Inspect and Verify'

Do your best to keep the WMD inspectors alive as they search for evidence that Song used these reactors to manufacture nuclear weapons. NEVER leave them alone. At least one needs to survive to report their findings.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon 5 MW Reactor
2. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon 50 MW Reactor
3. Escort Allied Inspectors to the Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant
4. Return at least 1 Allied WMD Inspector alive to the Allied HQ in Kusong

Contract value: $80,000


The player enters the HQ. Garrett is talking to someone on the phone

  • Colonel Garrett: He's more than just a General, Sir. Kang's in charge of Song's nuclear program. "General Chul Kang." No sir, I did not make it up. (pause) I already spoke with administrative...excuse me sir, I have an important report coming in.

Garrett hangs up the phone and turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Colonel Garrett: You've done a lot of work for me, lots of crap I couldn't get done otherwise. Wish I had a more exciting contract for you, but the pay's good either way. Our inspectors are bugging the hell outta me to check out some sites in the area they think are being used to build Song's nukes. 'Course I've been trying to get clearance for the past two days. Now help me out here. Take the inspectors to the sites, make sure they don't get shot, and you'll be my new best friend.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: I know it's not the glorious "action hero" stuff you signed up for, but the pay's good.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: It's probably foolish to hope they'll come back and tell me there's no way Song could have any nukes.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: I tell you, I'm getting pretty sick of HQ's 'on hold' music.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: You ever dealt with weapons inspectors? They can be very...anal.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: Great, I love spending time with professional pains in the ass.
    • Mattias: That's great, I love spending time with professional pains in the ass.

If they player strays too far from the inspectors at any point

  • Fiona: Where are you going? You're supposed to protect the inspectors!

If the player strays too far and the inspectors are lost at any point

  • Fiona: You'll need to stay closer to the inspectors.

If an inspector is killed at any point

  • Fiona: You've lost an inspector!

If a second inspector is killed at any point

  • Fiona: You've lost another inspector!

If a third inspector is killed at any point

  • Fiona: You've lost another inspector!

If all inspectors are killed at any point

  • Fiona: All of the inspectors are dead. Mission failure.

The player inspects all areas and returns the WMD inspectors back to AN HQ

  • Fiona: The inspectors have returned with their findings. Allied payment is en route to our account.


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