A South Korean hideout

In the Neighborhood is the seventh contract for the Russian Mafia and the first for them in the Northern Province of North Korea in the third act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The contract involves destroying South Korean hideouts at the NK Village, north of Yongbyon.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Destroy 5 South Korean hideouts

BONUS: Steal Allied tank and return it to the Mafia garage.

Supplies & Support Given[edit | edit source]

The player is given as support or supplied with:

The Contract[edit | edit source]

The lost M1 tank

When the contract starts head towards the NK village where the SK hideouts are located. When you get close you'll receive an update about a lost AN tank near the Temple. Head to the temple where you'll find the manned tank and a few AN soldiers. Commandeer the vehicle and start heading back to the Mafia chopshop. You have six minutes to get to the chopshop or else it will be destroyed by an Allied airstrike. Fortunately, it isn't a long drive and the M1 is quite fast so getting there in time shouldn't be a problem. with that out of the way you can now focus on the South Koreans.

The SK jammer

As you approach the NK village your radar will be jammed. The jamming vehicle is located next to the two hideouts on the east side of the village, guarded by many soldiers, K966 Scouts, and a K200 APC. Head towards the hills to the east of this position and use an anti-tank missile launcher to take out the jammer. With that gone you can now use airstrikes for the remaining hideouts. Unlike 'Clear Channel', it does not seem possible to destroy the hideouts without losing faction reputation. However, the amount of reputation you lose for destroying all hideouts is relatively small (you'll lose about 25% of the reputation bar). So destroy all the hideouts as you see fit, preferably avoiding SK casualties. Note that there is a soldier armed with a SAM launcher in the eastern side of the village, so be careful if you use a helicopter.

The value of the contract is $60,000 and the bonus condition is valued at $20,000 plus an additional sum of money when the vehicle is returned to the garage ($50,000 if returned at full health). Completing this contract will make the Special Weapons Drop and SUV (Only if the bonus objective was accomplished) available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regrading the location of the Two of Hearts will also be given.

Email Messages[edit | edit source]

Introductory Email[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'In the Neighborhood'

The South Koreans are trying to establish a presence North of Yongbyon, presumably to watch the Chinese advance. Sergei is, of course, convinced that they're after his operations. He wants you to wipe out the South Korean hideouts. They haven't been in the area long, so the resistance should be fairly light.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy 5 South Korean hideouts

Contract value: $60,000

Bonus Email[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Updated Contract: 'In the Neighborhood'

There's been a last-minute addition to the contract. An Allied tank has lost its way near Yongbyon, and Sergei wants you to steal it.
I'd recommend some care in how you steal the tank--the Americans won't take kindly to being attacked.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy 5 South Korean hideouts

BONUS: Steal Allied tank and return it to the Mafia garage

Contract value: $60,000
Bonus value: $20,000

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The player enters the HQ. Sergei is talking to Josef.

  • Sergei: (in Russian) ...doesn't return my calls. That pisses me off. And look how much money I'm making them! Hey, we're making a lot of money, right? Right?

Sergei turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Sergei: The South Koreans know we're here in Yongbyon. Why else would they be camping out on my doorstep? I need you to get rid of them, and the village they're hiding in.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: Those guys, they haven't learned yet. The South Koreans, the Chinese, they need to realize it's in their best interests to keep my happy.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: I wonder if I could get a DVD player in here? Josef! How the hell am I supposed to watch my movies in here without a DVD player!?

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Sergei: Keep stalling, my friend, and I'll find somebody else for this job!

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: Sergei seem a little wigged out to you?
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: You mean a little more wigged out?...Yeah. Big time.
    • Mattias: The hanged man will start to kick at anything when the noose starts to tighten around his neck. That's an old viking saying which means...yeah.

The player approaches the village

  • Fiona: We've received an update to the contract. An Allied tank lost its way near the temple.

The player approaches the Allied tank

  • Fiona: There's the Abrams that Josef was so interested in.

The player commandeers the tank

  • Fiona: Oh no. It looks like the Allied soldiers managed to get an SOS out. You don't have much time until they send a response.

If there are 10 seconds left on the timer and the M1 hasn't been returned to the Mafia

  • Fiona: There are two A-10s bound for your position. You better stay away from that Abrams, or you'll be in trouble.

If the M1 is not returned in time and is destroyed

  • Fiona: Damn, Sergei was willing to pay a premium for that tank.

The player destroys all buildings but does not return the tank

  • Fiona: There's nothing left of the village.

The player returns the tank and destroys all hideouts

  • Fiona: Buildings blown up, vehicle delivered. Quite easily done.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Fiona's claims that two A-10s are en route to destroy the M1, two Su-25s will destroy it instead.
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