Improvised Explosive Devices are landmines used by the Allied Nations in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are tiny, discreet but extremely powerful explosives. They are literally a Bombing Run airstrike quietly waiting in the grass. 

They make a single beep before exploding, they will only detonate when shot by a high power round (.50cal or greater) or on contact with any type of manned vehicle. The explosion is small but can take out any land vehicle (even the Diplomat and Iron Mountain heavy tanks). 

In-game IEDs come in the form of a single old modified and rusting Mark-82 bomb with a blinking red light on the tip, this makes them hard to miss unless the light is blocked by something such as grass, the colour of the bomb is a rusting khaki green making it very hard to see in some environments. 

IEDs only appear in the Medusplosion contract for the Chinese on the path to the refugee camp. 


As Improvised Explosive Devices only appear during the Medusplosion contract for the Chinese, the player will seldom encounter an IED. Although as IEDs are extremely powerful, it is important to use caution during the contract, especially when navigating terrain covered in foliage. Keep an eye open for a blinking light, as this will easily distinguish an IED and allow the player to detonate it safely.


  • Fiona refers to IEDs as mines but they are not labelled as anything when scanned with the binoculars. 
  • IEDs can be tossed by explosions, melee-ed and pushed around by the player without detonating. 
  • IEDs cannot be winched. 
  • Surprisingly, IEDs are used by the Allied Nations to deny road access to a refuge camp. This is very surprising due to the 'humanitarian' reasons for AN involvement. 

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