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The Iguana is a light scout and patrol vehicle used by the Venezuelan Army featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


"Why pay too much for a civilian SUV when there are plenty of surplus VZ vehicles available."
— Stockpile caption
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The Iguana is a reliable vehicle when it comes to travelling from one point to another, and due to the fact that it can found patrolling anywhere, is useful if to sneak through heavily defended VZ areas such as Solano's Bunker or if the player does not have a vehicle and needs a quick getaway. The armor is decent for a type 1 but offers little protection for passengers, although the handling is good and the speed is decent. It can be found just about anywhere where there is a VZ presence.

Strangely, the basic version cannot carry more passengers than the armed version, this is because the basic version wastes space by not having anything on the rear. The MG version is always recommended above the transport.

Real lifeEdit

The Iguana is based on the Ford M151 MUTT - a utility ground vehicle used by the United States prior to the introduction of the Humvee in 1984.


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