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Ichon is a Kun, or a county, in the Southern Province of North Korea. While it features no cities or populated areas, it does feature an airfield and a missile launch site.

Ichon airfieldEdit

Ichon Airfield is an airstrip in the Ichon county of the Southern Province. The airbase has a large cement structure, probably serving as the command centre, as well as several hangers. It originally serves as the North Korean's airbase in the area, being just a short drive from The Black Gate. This is until its capture by the South Koreans, due to its proximity to Kaesong and likely its strategic importance to the South Koreans.

Ichon launch siteEdit

Ichon Launch Site is a very large facility dedicated to the storage and launching of cruise missiles. It features 3 separate launch pads, each one containing 3 missiles. Other than the missiles, most of the facility is barren; the only exception is the NK outpost overlooking the missiles. The outpost is equipped with a radar-jammer, to protect the facility from airstrikes. In turn, the jammer is protected by a platoon of NK soldiers.


The Ichon county was the site of fierce fighting during the Song Initiative, the airfield in particular was one of the most strategic base in the area. Its strategic value came from its location, being equally close to both the NK and SK HQs. Because of this, there was almost constant fighting between the North and South Koreans. This continued until Agent Buford authorized an attack, executed almost entirely by the Mercenary. After the airstrip was secure and the Commander was verified, the South Koreans occupied the airfield.

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