Housekeeping renegade officer

A renegade officer

Housekeeping is the eleventh contract for the Russian Mafia and the second for them in the fourth and last act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. It takes place in the Northern Province of North Korea.


The contract involves identifying and killing four renegade officers, with a bonus of not killing any loyal Mafia soldiers.


  1. Identify and kill 4 renegade officers

BONUS: Do not kill any loyal Mafia soldiers

Supplies & Support GivenEdit

The player is given as support and/or supplied with:

  • Nothing

The ContractEdit

The renegade officers and their Mafia soldiers will open fire on the player if approached without a Russian Mafia disguise.

The first renegade officer is located in the southeast corner of Yongbyon, on the other side of the city from the Mafia HQ. He is protected by several Mafia soldiers. The two enforcers next to him, thre thug to his right behind the technical, and the sniper on the nearby roof are all renegades, but the rest are loyal soldiers. Civilians are also nearby so attack with caution.

The second officer is located at Yongbyon Station, on the train platform, and is protected by many more Mafia soldiers, including one with an anti-air weapon. There is a loyal Mafia officer and some thugs near the entrance of the station, so make sure you don't take them out. There is an TOW Technical here too which may pose a threat. All of the Mafia soldiers near the renegade officer are renegades, so feel free to be extra discriminate around him.

The third officer is at the Temple. As soon as you approach the Temple he will drive away in his SUV with a convoy of two Technicals. Fiona will instantly identify him for you. If you do not stop him he will drive to the location of the last renegade officer.The men in the car with him are also renegades, so feel free to destroy the SUV to take him out.

Housekeeping renegade officer nk village

The officer at the Nk Village, alongside the rare Ka-50

The last officer is at the NK Village. He is protected by several renegade Mafia enforcers and grenade MGs. There is also a renegade thug inside a rare Ka-50 Attack helicopter, though the pilot won't take off immediately, allowing the helicopter to be hijacked. Run up and hijack the Ka-50 and use it to take out the officer. Once he is taken out the contract will be completed.

The renegade officers are easily identified because they will always have a Russian Mafia flag over their head, as with all other officers. By pressing left on the D-pad, the flag of an NPC's respective nation (e.g. Russian Mafia flag for Mafia soldiers) will be displayed above their heads, having this option off will only display the flag if the NPC is an officer. The renegade officers will also have a different character model than the other NPCs, making it even easier to identify the targets. Also note that some Mafia soldiers near the renegade officers will be labelled as "renegade" when observed through the binoculars. You will not fail the bonus condition if these soldiers are killed.

The value of the contract is $90,000 plus an additional $30,000 if the bonus condition is also completed. Completing this contract and the bonus condition will make the Heavy Weapons Drop available for purchase in the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Five of Spades will also be given. Completing this contract will unlock the 'Play as Josef' skin cheat code.

Email MessageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract 'Housekeeping'

Josef has contracted us to eliminate several renegade Mafia officers that are hiding Sergi. Be careful--you'll need to identify your targets or risk killing soldiers that are on Josef's side. He's offering a nice bonus if you can pull this off without killing any loyal Mafia soldiers.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Identify and kill 4 renegade officers

BONUS: Do not kill any loyal Mafia soldiers

Contract value: $90,000
Bonus value: $30,000


The player enters the HQ

  • Josef: You've been a valuable asset. Now that I'm in charge, I'll make good use of you. Starting with his. Sergei has gone into hiding. He's scared and desperate and though you and I know he's an idiot, there are still several men in the area who will help him. Find them and eliminate them and I will pay you well. Misha here is my new lieutenant. He will give you all the information you need.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Josef: Sergei is too dumb and scared to be much of a threat, but his friends...that's another story.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Josef: Some of them aren't stupid, either. They think they can exploit his dilemma. Hehehehe.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Josef: You think you can hang around here, like you did with Sergei?

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: Ok listen up. I know the general locations of the renegade officers, but you're going to have to get close or use your binoculars to identify them. If you take them out without killing any loyal Mafia soldiers, Josef will pay us a lot more.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer:
    • Mattias: Oh I hate checking my targets. It's so much easier when everybody's a bad guy.

If the player kills a loyal Mafia soldier at any point

  • Fiona: There goes our bonus. Josef was hoping to minimize his losses.

The player identifies their first renegade officer

  • Fiona: Target confirmed. Take him.

The player identifies another renegade officer

  • Fiona: There he is.

The player takes out the last renegade officer

  • Fiona: That's it. all the officers have been killed. Josef's reward is on its way!



  • It is possible to acquire the rare and powerful Ka-50 Attack helicopter during this contract. It can be found at the NK Village along with one of the required targets.
  • It is possible to kill the renegade officer at the Temple by picking up his vehicle with a helicopter (such as the one at the near-by village) and dropping it from a great height, or by transporting him to a secluded location and killing him there, with little Mafia resistance.
  • A rare AN cargo truck can be found near the Ka-50 Attack helicopter.
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