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The Hammerhead is a PMC vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, as part of the Blow it up Again DLC.


The vehicle is essentially an upgraded, armed version of the Cacharro de Muerte, another PMC vehicle, fitted with a turret that possess explosive/anti-air capabilities of some SAM vehicles. Since it's set in a ruined city, the Hammerhead was enhanced with various steel plates and other accessories, can sustain many bullets and only explosives can deal a certain amount of damage (like 9-10), contrary to its Level 1 Armor (which surely makes any vehicle too weak against heavy firepower).


Available in "Death Race", the track features numerous barricades, which include MG turrets, sandbags, steel fences and Capuchin Guntrucks, which can be dealt with by utilising the Hammerhead's machine gun. Kestrel Tank Hunters will hunt you down with AT missiles, but they can't stand against a single AA missile fitted in the car or just shooting them with the explosive gun. The optional set is a boost button which can move the Hammerhead when it flips over, allowing you to continue the track to avoid failing the time limit.

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