"Laser targeting required"
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Air Strikes Gunship Support I

Gunship Support I image and icon.

The gunship support I, II and III are laser-guided, close air support options from an AC-130 aircraft featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview Edit

Ac-130 gunship support

The AC-130 leaving after finishing its bombardment.

"Point and shoot devastation! Count on the Americans to deliver a hail of bullets with pinpoint precision. Note: we are not responsible for loss of gunship to anti-air/SAM attacks."
— Merchant of Menace store description

The gunship support is an effective airstrike against soft targets. It is useful for destroying infantry and light vehicles, but can also destroy buildings and heavier vehicles with sustained fire. It is comparable to the artillery strike, barrage and bombardment strikes, but unlike the former, it is vulnerable to anti-aircraft artillery.

Specifications Edit

  • Unlocked by: Unknown
  • Cost: $60,000 (I), $120,000 (II) and $180,000 (III)
  • Guidance: Laser
  • Delivery: Lockheed AC-130

Trivia Edit

  • A hint is made to this air-strike and a reference to the film Star Wars during the mercenary's first encounter with Agent Buford during the briefing for Stem the Tide, the first contract for the South Koreans.
  • The AC-130 that flies the fire support mission anytime GS I, II or III is called for goes by the callsign "King-Six".


  • Becase it is Point and shoot, it is reccomended to use agianst masses of infantry from a distance so they can't shoot the player and cause the laser to point upwards
  • If using II or III it is advised to also use agianst armored vehicles like APC's and AA platforms (SA-8 / Type-95 Anti Air)

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