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The Gunney Transpo' is the Rastafarian Pirates light transport and scout helicopter that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Gunney Transpo' is a Toucan helicopter which may have been stolen from the Venezuelan Airforce (as most of their shop items have been) and has been re-painted in Pirate colors. The paint job is a light-green and dark green color scheme with the symbol of the Pirates.

The Gunney Tanspo' is mainly used to winch objects between Pirate outposts and to deliver boarding parties. Gunney Transpo's are most commonly seen around the Pirate Central Island Outpost. They can be purchased from the Pirate shop.

When the player calls for support during a Pirate Outpost Capture Contract, a Gunney Transpo' will deliver 3 Pirate troops to the fight and it is also the Pirates' HVT pickup helicopter.


The Gunney Transpo' is very limited in its use beyond transporting since it has no armament. It can dodge cannon shots from a distance and individual SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles) relatively easily but it cannot deal with much more than 2 SAMs or Anti-Air Artillery of an advanced SAM platform such as a Scorpion or Iron Dove Heavy AA. It does not take much to take this helicopter down, 2 SAM hits will be able to disable it. It has a limited winching ability, it loses a lot of control and speed when winching objects heavier than cars.

It could be used for a 'kamikaze' attack by ditching the helicopter after setting a trajectory towards a target or simply being shot down onto the target.

To avoid being shot down, it should be used only for winching light objects and fast transportation.


  • Occasionally, this helicopter will simply explode in mid-air for no reason whatsoever
  • If you grapple on to this helicopter while it is extracting an HVT, you will be able to hold on to it forever, without going into the quicktime event.
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