The Grenade Launcher is a launcher used by the Universal Petroleum Mercenaries in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


This grenade launcher fires 40mm Fragmentation or High Explosion grenades in an arc. It is powerful against infantry, light type 2 armor vehicles but becomes very limited against type 3 armor vehicles since they take more than 6 shots to destroy and does not affect IFVs, medium and heavy tanks. It will be able to destroy helicopters but hitting a helicopter is usually a very difficult feat.

It is not that useful due to the fact that it has very limited reserve ammunition capacity unless the player is playing as Chris, the other weakness is that it cannot damage concrete buildings (i.e. not shacks or tents). It is also very easy to get hit by shrapnel from the grenades.

The Grenade Launcher is only used by UP heavy infantry mercenaries. It is available through the Grenade Launcher drop from the UP and Allied Nations shop. UP rocket troop barracks are filled with UP mercenaries using the Grenade Launchers, to attack UP barracks, it is a good idea to attack with a helicopter that can dodge these projectiles or attack with a heavy vehicle which will not be damaged by the explosions.

This launcher can be very problematic when in the hands of hostile Universal Petroleum mercenaries when the player is on foot, the explosions cause a lot of damage to the player and they cause them to stagger. This becomes very dangerous if there are other units around shooting at the player.

This is the weapon featured in the Grenade Launcher Challenge.

Real LifeEdit

The Grenade Launcher is based on the South African MGL-140.


  • The Grenade Launcher's ammunition refill is a the rocket satchel, which actually contains RPGs
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